Bore well construction in Kinthali Village

Bore well construction in Kinthali Village

Bore well construction in Kinthali Village, in Andrah Pradesh, India, last January 2015.

Our Indian partners in Madugula had built and then inaugurated a new tailoring center in Kinthali village last July 2014. All the tailoring classes are part of our partner’s Women Empowerment and Development Program.

The Living Springs had installed a bore well in that tailoring center for the premises needs as there was no access to water at all. It aimed also at enabling the neighboring women and women students to free them from fetching water, as it is a daily struggle for them, and giving them time to study. 
In the future, The Living Springs actions may also have contributed to those women by supporting them to become self-employed.

The construction of 80 feet down bore well took place last December 2014 - January 2015 and then was inaugurated in spring time. Although Kinthali villagers suffered from high temperature lately, the bore well did continue to offer plenty of water.

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