The Living Springs provide a wide range of services in the frame of project managament in international cooperation. 

We offer customized solutions for the development and implementation of your projects, in the area of water treatment, water use, water management, 
sanitation, and renewable energies.

We enable meaningful connections between your organisation and your partners and beneficiaries, we create links and remembering emotional experiences.

We offer to:

  • Creation and set up of a customized and sustainable project in international cooperation
  • Consulting services and personalized assistance along the implementation of your project 
  • Project management 
  • Project follow up
  • Events, Workshops and Conferences management and coordination
  • Coordination of technical amd institutional missions.

Our services include markets research, feasibility studies, sustainaible strategies set up and raising awareness programmes on water management.

he Living Springs counts on a wide profesionnal network in Africa, South America and Asia, thanks to its wide networks abroad in the sector of water and sanitation. Continuously in connection with them, our teamwill assist you in conducting your  international projects' development.

As a service provider with a wide scope of skills, we enable you to extend your activities with success. We help you to implement your actions in a cost effective manner to quickly and directly reach your goals and obtain results. 
We accompany you through the developing process of your international cooperation projects or your specific humanitarian mission.

Our services are meant for the empowerment of communities as we promote as well awareness on the importance of water management and renewable energies. The value of the water treatment and purification systems, i.e. our customized solutions, are
 much higher than their intrinsic values. Not only they are providing to the beneficiaries a great added value in term of water quantity and quality, but they offer a great opportunity for a healthier and a better life.