In the frame of our access for all drinking water programs, we propose the following services:

  • System maintenance (included or optional)
  • Maintenance Training
  • Spare Sparts Supply
  • After Sales Services

We Provide:   
1. A schematic drawing of filter washing process & filtration maintenance process:
2. Document as:

  • A water purifying system comes with an original copy of each device manualAnother one is archived at TLS offices. 
  • Operating instruction manual: a manual per unit (system) is provided. It contains a list of precaution measures to be taken, the risks of use (blindness if wrong handling of the flocculation device), recommendations for use, measurements and programming, it does describe how to activate the dosage, etc.. The information is clear and simplified from the original equipments/devices specification sheets. 
  • Operating Manual of the water purifying system: It states: the washing cycles, flocculants measurements, UV disinfection, maintenance principles, disruptions and their solutions, the principles of washing or filters changes. A large map with a diagram of the water purifying system is also provided. It describes a simplified process of the purification. Each device is numbered legibly. 
  • Manual of the valves position when at rest (valves in opened or closed position, auxiliary or main valves).
  • Instruction Manual of the UV device: it outlines the steps.

Any necessary measures of security and precautions which should be taken are the entire responsibility of the operating party of the water purifying system.

Risks / Dangers during maintenance / operation
The UV lamp  radiation may burn the eyes, 
The flocculant is corrosive and attacks the skin in general including eyes, by physical contact; the acidity of the product is: pH = 3.

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