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Visit to St Anthony 's primary School, Visakhapatnam, AP, India (project 3)
  On November 12th, 2013, pupils of St Anthony's primary school gathered to give to The Living Springs Association members a hearty Thank you for having provided them the access of daily drinking water as well as health. Teachers noticed less absenteeism the last few months ! Thanks to them for their hearty welcome!

Visit to Fathima Colony, in Madugula, Andhra Pradesh, India (project 2)

    Fathima colony, an excluded community, where we have built a bore well which enables the villagers not only to access to water, but also to become the owners of their subsidized lands. Without any construction they properly owned, they would not have been able to keep this piece of land and would not have had the possibility to settle!

Pongalipaka villagers and local authorities cheerful welcoming for the 
water treatment unit's inauguration, last November 16th, 2014.

The Living Springs members with 2 sponsors coming from France and Chili 
have inaugurated the 5th project in Pongalipaka village, Andrah Pradesh, India.

Customized water treatment unit
Treatment: 1000 LPH, and up to 24000 liters per day. 
More than 1500 people will get 
access to drinking water in a sustainable manner.  

THANK YOU to our main partners and sponsors: Fonds Mécénat des Services
Industriels de Genève
, based in Switzerland, 
and Desarrollos Constructivos
, a 
chilean company.