Volunteers & Members

Laure Félix-Bower
Laure Félix Bower joined The Living Springs in May 2010 as a volunteer to provide marketing and communication consulting support. She brings 10 years of international experience with non-profit and private sector organizations. Recently she worked as Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator for CAWST, a Canadian International Humanitarian organization providing education, training and technical consulting in water and sanitation for the poor in developing countries. She holds a B.A. in Languages for Business. She lived in UK, the Netherlands, South Africa and Canada and has travelled to many countries including Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland

Gorka Otxoa
Gorka Otxoa joined The Living Springs in January 2011 as a volunteer to provide his project‘s evaluation expertise in the field of international cooperation. He brings several of experiences in the non profit world. He holds a Master in Project Management in International Cooperation. He lives in Madrid and has travelled to many countries as Indonesia.

Fabio Oliosi
Fabio Oliosi joined The Living Springs in January 2011 as a volunteer. Water is a kind of leitmotiv of his life. His degree in Physics and the thesis on aerosol particles that generate rain, hail and snow, his studies on air-sea interface at the University of Washington and his professional career in the domain of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the utilities networks concern always water. The TLS sustainable projects related to water which is already a rare and precious natural resource, is, for Fabio, an opportunity and a challenge. This is his first active participation in a humanitarian organization. He wishes to support TLS with some GIS knowledge and skills.  GIS tools can improve understanding of geographic issues related to water resources and asset management (see the Projects in Benin page).

Sylvain Boucherand
Sylvain Boucherand joined The Living Spring in October 2011 as a volunteer to provide his background in corporate social responsibility, project managing and footprints engineering (like carbon...). He is passionate about entrepreneurship and about innovating projets solving social deficiencies. He lives in Paris and has travelled to Togo as a volunteer helping development projets in entreprenership. He does believe we have to change our model of development and think that the only way to start a change is showing, with real actions, that it is possible.

Solomizo Makohliso
Soli holds a Ph.D in Biomaterials from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and is the founder and CEO of Ayanda Biosys. Soli as both Swiss and South African citizen is willing to help us to be our Advisor in the Southern African Region (SADC).

Nicolas Desvernay
Nicolas is a chemical engineer and he is currently working in India for a French company named SNF FLOERGER as a project manager in charge of the production activities of the indian subsiadiary. During his career, Nicolas worked in the field of water treatment. He is also an entrepreneur.
Nicolas is willing to help us as a project manager in India for our water treatment installation meant for the community of Yerukonda, Andhra Pradesh, India. He will provide us technical advices before the implementation of our device and also technical support while installing it.

Tatikonda Sreenivasu
Sreenavisu has joined The Living Springs early this year in January 2012 as a volunteer. He is willing to offer to The Living Springs members all his talents as a Teacher of Indian Calligraphy and also some supports for any projects related to our activities in India. Sreenavisu is a young and talented assistant professor in Physics at the Vignan Institute of information technology and Koushik engineering college. And he is currently a Project fellow in Nano Technology in the frame of its Ph.D. studies.

Jérémy Coudert
Jérémy joined The Living Springs in October 2012 as a volunteer. He is willing to “finally bring his stone for the edifice”. He wishes to bring us his support and skills and help TLS Members to meet those keys people to unlock some points. He always wanted to join an organization like The Living Springs for the causes we fight for. Based in India since last July 2012, Jérémy is a HR Coordinator for the French Company called SNF FLOERGER India He is graduated from a French business school specialised in international business management and brings an unusual professional background. After being a Chargé d'Affaires for a consulting company in computer engineering, he decided to give another dimension to his career and joined the Human Resources area. Jérémy lived in Mexico, United States of America and England. 

Marie-Hélène Mondi
Marie-Hélène is the Founder and General Manager of ENYTEREnyter supports personal & professional mobility all over the world, i.e., expatriation, immigration, moving, relocation, schooling, spouse support, cultural training, integration… Through her company, Marie-Hèléne found a way to humanize the people mobility process and make people life easier while life changes.
In her previous professional life, Marie-hélène wasa  financial manager in the industry for 8 years and DIY (do it yourself) market for 10 years. She has moved around 20 times in her life.
She is now willing to give us some of her time and expertise to contribute to The Living Springs mission. She lately joined the French Board of Directors of TLS branch in France.

Jacqui Manini
Jacqui is a specialist in e-media and e-communication.Zambian born and bred, she has been living in Switzerland for nearly 30 years. Jacqui graduated from Cambridge University with an English Language teaching degree in 1993. After having taught independently at companies such as Nestlé and Adecco, she became Founder and CEO of Justek SA in 1998 where she gained extensive skills in congress / event organization, marketing, communications and social networking. She has organized medical seminars & festivals in places such as Germany, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria. She is also the cofounder and organizer of 2 open air festivals which attracts thousands of festival goers every year. Jacqui owns a home recording studio where she produces her own music for 3 international record labels. She is presently the communication manager of the Zermatt Summit Foundation in Switzerland.  Happily Jacqui  joined The Living Springs and proposed us to disseminate our actions and messages on the e-media networks

François Mendy                                                                             François Mendy joined The Living Springs in May 2013 as a volunteer to provide marketing and language skills as well as knowledge of the realities in developing countries. François is a Professor of Marketing and Management at ISM in Dakar, Senegal. He worked in Spain as a translator and have contributed to the bilateral cooperation agreement between Spain (Tenerife) and Senegal in 2007-2008. He holds a MBA in marketing at the University of La Laguna. He lives in Senegal and has travelled to different countries such as Switzerland, France, Netherlands and Spain.

José Antonio Balta
José Antonio Balta joined The Living Springs in July 2014 as a volunteer to provide advices on financing and fundraising areas.
José Antonio is an expert in finance and a scientist. He speaks currently German, French, English and Spanish. He is currently working for InfoDyn Inc. company in Lausanne, Switzerland. His expertise is based on commercialization and resourcing of technology in the areas of high-tech and clean-tech, focused on developing business strategies and aligning innovation with objectives in international organisations.

Jennifer Ludford
Jennifer holds a LLB in English and French Law awarded by King’s College, London and Université de Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne (with a diploma in Belgian tax management delivered by the Solvay Business School in Brussels). Jennifer has fifteen years’ experience in international companies, mainly in the financial sector. Before living in Switzerland (since 2010), she lived in Belgium, England, France and Mauritania, and has traveled around the world. She has been actively involved in various associations and committees, ranging from parents’ associations to charity to street party organising committees. Bilingual in French and English, she has experience in dealing with institutions and lawyers, analysing laws and practices, and implementing procedures, as well as managing teams. 
Jennifer is giving us her time and expertise for fundraising, legal guidance and any other related activities.


Alinson Janeth Sanabria Roballos, San Cristobal, Venezuela
Julie Wenjuan Li, Paris, France