About Us

Located in Geneva, The Living Springs is a swiss nonprofit organization founded on innovative solutions to treat and purify water respecting the water value and natural chain.

Our strength: Motivations. Convictions. Solutions. Teams talents. The talents of our team are covering the skills of projects and coordination management, and engineering, teaching We count no more than 30 years of experience in the water sector.


  •  We provide specific assessment on water management based on water scenarios (mapping).
  • We design, produce and distribute standard or customized but integrated water treatment and purifying units for small communities in the developing world.
  • We offer standard training sessions, tailored-made programs, researches on water management.
  • We organize awareness campaigns on water resources and water management

We design and implement
Innovative solutions to treat and purify water, to save, re-use and recycle water for small communities.

We also provide a wide scale of services in the frame of international cooperation programmes.
The Living Springs offers appropriate and objective solutions for the internationalization and implementation of your water and sanitation projects.