Category: Access to Water for remote and excluded Communities

Rajam School in Srikakulam district, A.P., India
This project was meant to bring access to drinking water to the 1200 students at the St Ann Medium Telugu & English School in Srikakulam district, A.P., India.  The beneficiaries come [...]
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Rural Pedabalayu Saint Ann Telegu Medium School
A small village of Pedabayalu is located in the northern part of Andhra Pradesh state in eastern India, quite close to a large manmade lake, Jolaput Reservoir. It is one [...]
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Fathima community: borewell project
In February 2013, the construction of the borewell meant for the Fathima Colony at Madugula district has been inaugurated. This borewell will allow this excluded community more commonly known as [...]
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