Be part of providing access to drinking water to:

2000 pupils at the Saint Ann English Medium and Telugu Medium School, in Bheemili, district de Vishakhapatnam, Andrah Pradesh, India, and 2000 pupils more at the Saint Ann Medium English and Telegu Medium School
, located in Arilova district, in Vishakaptnam city, Andrah Prsdesh, India. Arilova was an ancient slum where Mother Teresa has worked.


The Living Springs association is a non-profit organisation founded on innovative solutions to treat and purify water and it is located in Geneva, in Switzerland.
We offer Sustainable Solutions for the Access for All to Safe Drinking Water.

For an accessible price, we can provide more than 20 liters of safe drinking water per day for one person in a community composed of 1000 people and above in a sustainable and responsible way. Our activities focus on the autonomy of the communities who benefit from our water kiosks.

The Living Springs aims to support sustainable development projects in water purification and water treatment, manage the installation of those systems in the emerging and developping countries and offer assessment, training and ongoing consulting supports in the area of renewable energies such as water, electricity, sanitation, etc. The Living Springs works with public as well as  private actors, small communities, NGOs, villages and international institutions

Seven projects have been implemented in schools, clinics and villages in Andhra Pradesh, India, since 2012. We then provide access to drinking water in a sustainable and viable manner to 26050 people (
families, pupils, students, teachers and school staff, patients).  

In 2016, The Living Springs aims at developping its activities by providing 20 litres of safe drinking water per day to 10.000 people by:

  • Supplying small rural communities with a turnkey solution including:  one sustainable equipment, training & ongoing support.

  • Transferring knowledge and/or technologies for R&D purposes with local Universities.

  • Boosting up local economies & entrepreneurships through local assembly and/or production and micro-financing.

  • Providing sustainable drinking water at scale by working with rural water services (communities, Public Operators).

  • Impulsing & Promoting awareness on water education and management for a long term access to this natural resource.

In The Living Springs, we take up the challenge of a sustainable development which should unit a world by wealth, relaigion and geography.