The Living Springs association is a non-profit organization located in Geneva, Switzerland.

It provides support to local and worldwide economic actors for their sustainable development initiatives and more specifically solutions to treat and purify water. It mainly contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals and more specifically to the Access for All to Safe Drinking Water (SDG Goal 6), good health and wellbeing (SDG Goal 3) education (SDG Goal 4)  and empowerment of local communities (SDG Goal 11).

At The Living Springs, we take up the challenge of a sustainable development.

Ten projects have been implemented in schools, clinics and villages in Andhra Pradesh, India, since 2012. We have reached nearly 100 000 beneficiaries (families, pupils, students, teachers and school staff, villagers, patients).

For an affordable price, we can provide more than 20 liters of drinking water per day per beneficiary in a community of over 1000 people in a sustainable and responsible way.

The Living Springs works with local, public and private actors, small communities, NGOs, municipalities and universities.

The quality of treated water respects WHO standards and/or local Indian standards.

The beneficiaries are taught to regularly control quality of the treated drinking water based on laboratories water analyses.

Why supporting us?

Our projects are sustainable and demonstrate their added values for a solidarity micro-economy. They include for the beneficiaries technical training meant for the maintenance of the water treatment units, awareness sessions on hygiene measures and responsible water management. We also offer an economic business model of the water kiosk so that it might be exploited in a sustainable manner operationally as well as in a viable manner economically. The 8 projects have been running since 2012 and are autonomously managed. The number of beneficiaries continues to grow. The water networks with extensions are growing as well.

Social, environmental and economic impacts of this deployment are numerous and might be exponential over time. It allows a local sustainable development in the respect of the water life cycle.

Communities centers

Private water kiosk

Drinking water production capacity :
1000 l/h, i.e. 24 000 liters per day
>1200 beneficiaries
Set up Projects :
Development center for Women in Madugula village, in Andhra Pradesh, India
Today: more than 79 500 beneficiaries.


Villages water kiosk

Drinking water production capacity :
1000 l/h, i.e. 24 000 liters per day
>1200 beneficiaries
Set up Projects :
Pongalipaka village
Today: more than 16 000 beneficiaries.

Schools, dispensaries and hospitals

Water treatment unit with a private management

Drinking water production capacity :
500l/h, i.e. 12m3/day
>1200 beneficiaries
Set up Projects :
St Ann English & Telegu Medium School at Arilova.
Today: more than 2000 beneficiaries.

The Living Springs aims at developing its activities to support local economic actors through their sustainable development initiatives and continuing its mission to provide drinking water to even more beneficiaries by:

  •  Providing small rural communities with a turnkey solution that includes: a sustainable water treatment equipment, training and ongoing support.
  •  Stimulating local economy and entrepreneurship (local sourcing & manufacturing, microfinance).
  • Providing drinking water in a sustainable manner by working with rural water services (municipalities, public operators).
  •  Promoting education and awareness on water management for ensuring a long-term access to water resources.

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