What we do

We aim at

In 2021, The Living Springs aims at developing its activities to support local economic actors through their sustainable development initiatives and continuing its mission to provide drinking water to even more beneficiaries by:

 Offering the AAAD services (Audit – Advice – Action for Sustainability) to its stakeholders within their organization and/or for their projects (evaluation, certification assistance)

Contributing to sustainable and equitable access to safe drinking water for all.

Supplying small rural communities with a turnkey solution including: one sustainable equipment, training & ongoing support.

Boosting up local economies & entrepreneurships through local assembly and/or production and microfinances.

Providing sustainable drinking water at scale by working with rural water services (communities, Public Operators).

 Promoting awareness on water education and management for a long term access to water resources.

We customize Solutions

The Living Springs proposes customized solutions. It selects water treatment technologies upon the specific needs of local private or public communities in the developing countries. Each solution aims sustainability: water resources management, economic viability and communities’ autonomy.

Training programs are set up to help the beneficiaries to improve their water resources management, to install, operate and maintain their water treatment unit.

Awareness campaigns and communication actions are addressed to the targeted groups to empower them to take actions regarding water management and renewable energies use.

We Design

We design water treatment and purifying units which:

  •  are simple and easy to install and maintain.
  • respect the beneficiary’s health.
  • contribute to the preservation of the water value chain.
  • reinforce local economic development by encouraging social entrepreneurship.
  • empower local beneficiaries based on know-how transfer.

We target

 Production Capacity: from 100 to 1000 liters/hour up to 20.000 liters/day or 15 liters/minutes

 Life Span: about 10 up to 15 years

 Targets: small communities of 1000 people and above

 Water Origin: surface water ( lakes, rivers, raining water) and underground water (wells)

 Treated water Quality: at least WHO standards and/or local standards

We Provide

 Customized design

 Maintenance on site :

  • Water treatment unit maintenance
  • Spare sparts Supply
  • After sales services
  • A schematic drawing of filter washing process & filtration maintenance process
  • Manual devices; operating manual book

 Training on site based on machinery assembly, installation and maintenance

 Ongoing Support: technical assistance (1 to 2 years) and assessment

 Guaranties: 100% at the commissionin

 Assessment on drinking water distribution and economic management

«Micro Infrastructure: Regulators must take small operators seriously», title of the World Bank report written by National Economic Research associates (NERA) in London.


 Access to drinking water

Health improvement

Change of behaviours

Economic development

Less pollution by using local technologies

Less polluted water

Water savings

Improved water management

Capacity building




Since one and a half year, our health expenses are incredibly decreased so that we have been able to save money!


With the HudHud cyclone which has been ruining the region, we had fortunately been able to maintain the distribution of drinking water to all villagers, without increasing the price unlike major cities of the region. Even unusual beneficiaries at our water kiosks came and bought some drinking water cans!

In The Living Springs, we take up the challenge of a sustainable development.