The Living springs

About us

Located in Geneva, The Living Springs is a Swiss non-profit organization. It aims to provide solutions to treat and purify water respecting the water value and natural chain. The talents of our team are covering various skills in project management, and engineering. We count no more than 30 years of experience in the water sector. The Living Springs association statutes are available here.






Philosophy & values

The Living Springs addresses solutions for private and public entities in emerging countries, as well for communities as hospitals, schools, cooperatives, dispensaries, etc. in rural and remote area. It promotes international cooperation development with all stakeholders as public, private, corporate or civil economic actors, i.e. North-South and South-South.

We defend the right to water for all, communities and public management of water services and good governance of natural resources.

The purpose of The Living Springs is to support sustainable development of water purification and water treatment projects through capacity building.

Our principles :
Water is a universal and public good; this is not a mere commodity. Access to water should not be exclusive

Access to drinking water should be considered as a fundamental human right

Water is a renewable energy but not endless one

We stand for common and responsible water management: from exploitation of water treatments to collective financing system meant for supplying an equitable and sustainable access to drinking water for all

Our Approach :
The Living Springs works with international institutions, non-governmental organizations, local organizations, education centers and universities, as well as the private sector.
We ask for the direct involvement and implication of the local population for each project by empowering social entrepreneurship and autonomy.

History of The Living Springs

A year after Catherine’s arrival in Switzerland in early 2008, she met the active members of the H2O Energies Association in Geneva who were exhibiting their humanitarian actions carried out in Cameroon and Kenya on the occasion of the International Water Day. Following this magical encounter, it became obvious to her that her way was to continue on the path opened by H2O Energies members. After some time and experiences shared with H20 Energies members, she pursued her goal to improve access to safe drinking water to more beneficiaries and has founded The Living Springs Association.


provide safe drinking water for all in a sustainable and equitable way
improve health: “no more diseases related to the consumption of unsafe water”
empower women in the economic and social life: “no more chore of carrying water” and increase the number of children attending school
ensure environmental sustainability for future generations
raise public awareness about the importance of improving the management of freshwater resources in a sustainable manner
contribute to improving global governance of water resources management and equitable distribution of water.
participate specifically in the worldwide progress of SDG goal 6

The Living Springs is committed to meeting the challenge of sustainable development