Pongalipaka Village, India - 5th project inauguration

Pongalipaka Village, India - 5th project inauguration


Incredible reception from Pongalipaka villagers and local authorities
for the water treatment unit's inauguration, last November 16th, 2014!
The Living Springs members with 2 sponsors coming from France and Chili have inaugurated the 5th project in Pongalipaka village, in Andrah Pradesh,
India (2.5 hours 4X4 drive from Vizag).

The Living Springs had implemented for Pongalipaka villagers a customized water treatment unit which will be treating 1000 LPH, and up to 24000 liters per day.
More than 1500 people will get access to drinking water in a sustainable manner. It has been delivered together with an economic sustainable solutions. 

A huge THANK YOU to our main partners and sponsors and especially to
Fonds Mécénat des Services Industriels de Genève, based in Switzerland,
and Desarrollos Constructivos AXIS, a chilean company.

Thanks to all Pongalipaka villagers and official representatives for their skills, 
wilingness, collaboration efforts and also for their incredible reception gifts
they offered us for the inauguration's celebration.
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