Fatimah Colony, Project phase 2, Madugula, A.P., India

A water treatment unit is needed to fight against waterborne diseases (typhoid, cholera) for Fatimah Colony Remote Community. It should bring access to drinking water into new states houses for 25 disfavored families. The constructed well has been protected, since it has been constructed by The Living Springs a couple of years ago.

Fatimah Colony Community has made huge progress, having now their own built houses, kids are going to school, some parents have benefited from specific professional training and women are not spending all their time fetching water. Instead of it, there are able now to produce some rush baskets and then sell them to local markets.

The treatment water unit is meant for this small community.

The study is ongoing as well as water analysis.

Location: Madugula Village, Andrah Pradesh, India.

Status: funding to be needed: Euros 10’000.-