Paderu Saint Ann Medium Telugu School Project

Paderu is Tribal belt situated in on a hillock with an altitude of 2966 ft from the sea level. Paderu is in the District of Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh state, India. It has  11 mandals and has the population around  five lakhs.  Paderu town has the population around 20,000. Of these 99./. is tribals. It is slowly developing. As it is a hilly area, there is a lot water scarcity especially of the drinking water. As a result people suffer from water-borne diseases like Typhoid, Malaria, diarrhea, Cholera etc. . The Living Springs helped the local communities  for access to drinking water facility to this area.

Our Partner St Ann Sisters in Paderu are indeed glad that the TheLiving Springs’ have come forward to help the people of this area. The beneficiaries of this project will be around 150 families, 1’450 students of the school, 160 hoteliers and 250 patients daily. St Ann Sisters Wilhelm’ Society are indeed grateful to the generosity of The Living Springs members.